Max Meissner

CEO and Co-Founder


Max has served as CytoSwim's CEO since co-founding it in 2019, leading the company through its development from a lab technology to a viable product.  Max has a keen interest in microfabrication and microfluidics and is passionate about taking our tech from the lab to the real world.

Max holds a PhD in Physics and and an MSc in Nanotechnology from the University of Bristol.

Sandy Leung

R&D Scientist


Sandy is a core member of the CytoSwim technical team, leading the charge on our prototype manufacturing and validation studies. Sandy has always had a strong interest in materials and has accumulated a wealth of experience in product design and advanced polymer manufacturing.

Sandy holds a PhD in Engineering from the WMG at Warwick University and a MSc in Polymer Chemistry.

Vasily Kantsler

Scientific consultant and Co-Founder


Vasily is one of the co-founders and now contributes his wealth of scientific knowledge and microfabrication expertise as a scientific consultant. Vasily leads a highly successful biomicrofluidics group at the University of Warwick where his cutting-edge research continues to improve our understanding of how microrganisms navigate fluids at the microscale.

Chris Sheehan

Chairman of the board


Chris has served as CytoSwim's chairman of the board since 2019. He brings to the role his decades of experience in business development in the medical device sector in companies such as Johnson & Johnson, and a wealth of commercial experience in early stage startups. In his role as chairman Chris has acted to guide the business team in this heavily regulated market.

James Lapworth

University of Warwick board observer and TTO


James is a Business Development Manager at Warwick Ventures, and has been intimately involved in the establishment of CytoSwim as a spinout company from the earliest days.

James holds a PhD in Polymer Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine from the University of Sheffield and is a Chartered Chemist with over 10 years’ experience in fundraising, developing, partnering and out-licensing new technologies in the medtech and biotechnology sectors.